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  • Indian Head Massage -Indian head massage is an ancient healing method using massage techniques for treating the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It works on the areas of the body most affected by stress, however while the treatment is just applied to the upper body its effects are felt throughout the body and mind. This is perfect for relaxation and to help relieve tension within the upper body. This treatment has many benefits some of which are helping to relieve migraines and headaches, relief from tense muscles, relieves symptoms of anxiety & depression and can help renew energy levels. 

           ~ 45 minutes ~ £35 at Littlebirds

                                    ~ £45 mobile 


  • Swedish Body MassageA relaxing soothing massage aiding in tension relief, relaxing tight muscles and increasing circulation as well as other benefits. Holistic massage is a well-known treatment that not only focuses on tense muscles as a physical result of stress, but it also takes into account the client’s emotional and spiritual well-being. It is an ancient method of healing that stimulates the blood circulation and clears the lymphatic drainage system which helps to release toxins from the body. Holistic massage allows the body's natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the body as a whole. This massage will leave your whole body and mind feeling relaxed and refreshed.
    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage ~
       ~ 45 minutes ~ £35 at Littlebirds                                                                       ~ £45 mobile                                                       Full Body Massage ~                                                                     ~ 60 minutes ~ £40 at Littlebirds
                                ~ £55 mobile                                                        ~ 90 minutes ~ £55 at Littlebirds
                             ~ £ 75 mobile
  • Holistic Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage - Head, shoulder and back massages soothe away tensions in your upper body, break down knots and improve your flexibility. It helps relieve headaches by stimulating the nerves on your scalp and the blood circulation within your head. You will feel relaxed and re-energised.   
            ~ 45 minutes ~ £35 at Littlebirds 
                                  ~ £45 mobile
  • Hot Stones Massage - 

    Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation. Your therapist will use the heated stones to apply massage and although the pressure is often light but firm the heat from the stones penetrates deeply into the muscles relieving you from aches and pains as well as helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and promote sleep. This massage is deeply warming and relaxing.

         Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage ~                                               ~ 45 minutes ~ £35 at Littlebirds                                                                       ~ £45 mobile                                                       Full Body Massage ~                                                                     ~ 60 minutes ~ £40 at Littlebirds
                              ~ £55 mobile                                                        ~ 90 minutes ~ £55 at Littlebirds
                             ~ £ 75 mobile


  • Reflexology & Hot Stones Reflexology Reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to the body's different organs and glands. Pressure is applied to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress and help in promoting physiological as well as physical health.  
            ~ 55 minutes ~  £35 at Littlebirds
                                   ~ £45 mobile
  • Aromatherapy Massage Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation in the recipient. The essential oils are extracted from the parts of herbs and plants and contain all the properties of the plants themselves. Your therapist will ask you a few questions about your health and well-being and then work out the best combination of essential oils to suit your needs. The massage itself is gentle and flowing which allows the absorption of the essential oils into your skin and lymphatic system to give you the healing affects desired. 
          Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage ~                                                             ~ 45 minutes ~ £35 at Littlebirds                                                                       ~ £45 mobile
                  Full Body Massage ~ 60 minutes ~ £40 at Littlebirds
                                                                ~ £55 mobile
                                                ~ 90 minutes ~ £55 at Littlebirds
                                                                      ~ £75 mobile
            Luxury Aromatherapy Facial 
            A luxury facial is extremely relaxing and you will find yourself drifting away as you receive the ultimate facial treatment. Your skin will look and feel better after the facial and you will feel completely relaxed and refreshed. Our facials include hot towels to open the pores, cleanse, exfoliation, mask and a massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp. The massage techniques used will help stimulate the facial muscles, to help lift and firm the skin leaving your skin feeling plumper and refreshed.

            ~ 45 minutes ~ £35 at Littlebirds

            ~ £45 mobile

            Aromatherapy Salt Scrub

            A relaxing treatment which includes body brushing, salt scrub and full body massage. The salt scrub is made tailored to your needs using Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt & a blend of essential oils. The salts can help ease pain, detox the body plus many more benefits. Essential oils are also blended to your needs for the full body massage.

            ~ 90 minutes ~ £65 at Littlebirds

                                     ~ £85 mobile

  • Sports Massage Therapy -  Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. Problem areas can be worked on and the massage will be tailored to your needs to help relieve muscle tension and pain within the body. I use a wide range of deep tissue massage techniques to help alleviate pain and give my clients a greater range of movement in the joints. I also use an Infrared lamp and Audio Sonic machine on problem areas and have found this high beneficial to my clients.

          ~ 60 minutes ~ £40 at Littlebirds

                                ~ £55 mobile 


Each Massage is Tailored to suit your Individuals Needs. Free Consultation and Assessment.

Audio sonic (Sound Therapy) Massage is also available to add into any of the above massage therapies which helps to relieve pain associated with Sports Injuries, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Backache, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


How does Sports/Deep Tissue Massage work?
When there is chronic muscle tension or injury, there are usually adhesion's (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesion's can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation.

Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesion's to relieve pain and restore normal movement.
Deep Tissue & Sports Massage can help congestion and improve the condition of the muscle which will alleviate the symptom.
Gift Vouchers are Available for all Treatments
Please allow an extra 30 minutes when using the public car parks with pay & display, we like you to relax and enjoy your 'you' time!!

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