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During college training ~ 2009 ~ Aromatherapy with Karen ~ Sue ~ I take paracetamol every day for Arthritis and after an Aromatherapy massage with Karen I am pain free and do not need to take the paracetamol. Once you have a massage with Karen you have been spoilt!

08/12/2011 ~ Ilfracombe ~ Sports Massage Therapy with Karen ~ Joel ~ I've never had audiosonic or deep tissue sports massages before. The sound waves felt like a fast vibration which was very relaxing and definitely eased the pain.

The deep tissue massage was hard and I'd be the first to admit it made me wince a few times. But afterwards I could feel the difference straight away.

All the tightness and pain had gone and there was an increased feeling of flexibility in my back. It hasn't felt this good in a very long time."

22nd August 2012 ~ Barnstaple ~ Sports Massage Therapy ~ Amy ~ I have started the day with the realisation that I can now get my left hand up between my shoulder blades again for the first time in months and with no pain. Huge thanks to Karen Vögelin of Littlebirds Therapies for the treatment yesterday it has made a huge difference.
29th August ~ Ilfracombe ~ Hots& Cold Stone Massage with Rebecca ~ Janice ~ Ive had problems with my knees and at the care home I work in its painful when Im going up & down the stairs, which is alot of the day. After the Massage with Becky I have had alot more movement and its been pain free. I have also been applying the blended aromatherapy oils on a daily basis which has also been helping me. Thanks girls!

December 2013 ~ Ilfracombe ~ Gong Therapy with Karen ~ Simone ~ I was totally blown away by my Gong Bath. It was the first one I've ever had and I really didn't know what to expect but I loved it. I floated through a wonderful dreamy journey where I felt as if I was visiting different rooms in my mind, like little welcoming caves, and went deeper, and deeper into a meditation until I had no sense of my physical self whatsoever, completely at one with the whole universe, suspended in space. The feeling of weightlessness was just wonderful. I absolutely floated down Ilfracombe High Street afterwards and have felt rested and, well, happier ever since. My aches and pains seemed to disappear completely for at least a week, and I've found myself to be clear headed and with a sense of inner calm. I'll most certainly be going back for more.